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4:51pm 04-18-2007
o yea... ur wierd!
4:48pm 04-18-2007
your website is WIERD...and your wierd believeing in wat u believe in....ugh .... statues of the cat god??? riight!....not
buh bye!
11:33am 01-24-2007
Well, I guess I won\'t be seeing you here again then, tracii!

Thanks everyone for your messages!!
9:41pm 01-23-2007
tracii aka lil tink
Personally i love tinkerbell tink is my favorite charactor my room is decorated in tinkerbell but i just think this site is fucking stupid
12:48pm 01-20-2007
Hé Tink! Eindelijk kan ik weer je website bekijken (was geblokt hier op het werk). Hoop je snel weer ergens te zien, op de Brookberg, of ergens anders. Doe je de groeten van me aan Wonder? Thanks!

Liefs en blessed be, Wendy
10:01am 11-10-2006
Dusty Miller 13th
Hi Tink,
I like your blog and the way you look at life. Keep up the good work.
Blessed Be!
2:29am 10-17-2006
Hey Tink! I wandered here from your blog via T13! I\'ve been trying to think of what I want to do with my own site on googlepages, and I think I got some good ideas from you! (The Daily Cat Chase)
7:48pm 10-04-2006
Hi! I found your site after reading your post at Witches Weekly. Nice site! We have a lot in common. It's nice to meet another fellow Witch. ^_^ If you would like, visit my blog:
9:20pm 08-07-2006
Kie ((k-I))
I think your website is amazing..Im Mormon and have been researching alot on pagan religions mostly wiccan. Im wondering how I should tell my parents that I would like to become a wiccan. How do you think I should tell them? Love your site!

P.S. Im sorry to hear about your mom...((as I was reading)) I hope you are well....hugs from Kie
7:56pm 08-01-2006
Lieve Cora, langs deze weg wil ik je laten weten dat ik aan je denk en heelveel van je hou! Kus, Jenny
1:19am 07-01-2006
you have a kute website
1:39pm 06-15-2006
Marian McQuinn
Hi Tink, sorry to hear about your Mum, I will light a candle for you both...fairy hugs from Lapismoon
1:02pm 05-24-2006
Wow, kijk, dat noem ik pas goed onderbouwde kritiek op je website...
7:29am 05-08-2006
Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your message in my guestbook.
It made me curious though. What do you have against my website?
I tried to e-mail you, but Hotmail sent it back.

Take Care,
11:39pm 05-07-2006

I Think Your Website Is Great!!!(NOT)
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